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Name TorVPN
Locations The location of IP addresses available by the seller. Does not means that all of these countries are available in any package. Hungary Hungary United States of America United States of America United Kingdom United Kingdom Australia Australia Hong Kong Hong Kong Russian Federation Russian Federation Sweden Sweden
Protocols SSH   PPTP   OpenVPN  
Features Trial There is a free or trial option.   Instant After payment, you automatically get your service activated and get all information required to connect. No waiting period or manual approval.   P2P Peer to peer file transfers (Torrent, Emule, etc) are allowed.   HTTPS The main site supports HTTPS so you can sign up, log in and handle your service configuration in a secure manner.   Simultaneous The provider gives extra connections with a different internal IP without extra charge.  
Payment <b>Paypal</b> logo implies that you can pay with a Credit Card.<br /><b>CashU</b> logo implies that you can pay with UKash as well.<br /> Alertpay Alertpay   CC CC   CashU CashU   Paypal Paypal  
Price summary The least expensive packages available that the seller is offering. If currency is not US dollars, the converted (USD) price is also displayed. Currency conversion happens daily. 1 month: 1 GBP   3 months: 2 GBP   6 months: 4 GBP
1 month: 0 USD   3 months: 0 USD   6 months: 0 USD
Description TorVPN is a secure and fast VPN provider with US/UK/USA/AU/EU servers and optional transparent TOR routing.
Unique Selling Proposition USP is about the aspects of the seller that differentiates it from similar sellers.
Probably the most affordable VPN out there.
Gigabit speeds, no bandwidth limit. Suitable for P2P (which is allowed).
Access .onion websites easily.
Many protocols supported, works with all devices (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, routers).
Multiple devices may be connected concurrently.
You can set a custom route for all VPN users individually.
Transparent TOR proxy available from the web interface.
All paid access comes with SSH as a plus.
There is a free trial of 2 GB / month VPN.


Anonymous (2012-10-13)
Definitely worth trying out, especially with the security features put in.
Danny (2015-10-29)
The new TorVPN VPN servers are very fast. I tried 3 of them and sites loaded in an instant (using UDP on port 53).
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