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Name Anonyproz
Locations The location of IP addresses available by the seller. Does not means that all of these countries are available in any package. United States of America United States of America United Kingdom United Kingdom Romania Romania Malaysia Malaysia France France Canada Canada
Protocols OpenVPN  
Features Instant After payment, you automatically get your service activated and get all information required to connect. No waiting period or manual approval.   P2P Peer to peer file transfers (Torrent, Emule, etc) are allowed.   HTTPS The main site supports HTTPS so you can sign up, log in and handle your service configuration in a secure manner.   Simultaneous The provider gives extra connections with a different internal IP without extra charge.  
Payment <b>Paypal</b> logo implies that you can pay with a Credit Card.<br /><b>CashU</b> logo implies that you can pay with UKash as well.<br /> Paypal. Liberty rese Paypal. Liberty rese  
Price summary The least expensive packages available that the seller is offering. If currency is not US dollars, the converted (USD) price is also displayed. Currency conversion happens daily. 1 month: 7 USD   3 months: 21 USD   6 months: 42 USD
Description Anonyproz OpenVPN is a hosted virtual private network. You can get signed up anonymously and you can also can pay anonymously.
Unique Selling Proposition USP is about the aspects of the seller that differentiates it from similar sellers.
Unrestricted concurrent multiple connections to all servers at the same time.
Problems This information is subjective and is based on Buy-a-VPN experience and reviews.
Automatic loud speech in background when navigating through site.


Anonymous (2012-02-23)
Their payment was not automated although it was supposed to be. Their ticket system is not ideal. The speed of their servers is alright. Connection stability has been an issue on several days, and on one day in particular, connecting to any server was impossible for a period of about 10 hours. Most days it works, but I think it was a mistake to go with this outfit. I have already dumped them for another vpn provider.
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